WordIt 2

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Description: Arrange letters and create words in this beautiful and fun word game that enhances the brilliant gameplay known from the loved WordIt prequel. WordIt 2 has 20 difficulty levels, ranging from the easy 2-minute puzzles to the extremely difficult ones that it can take hours of skillful word puzzling to complete. Of course you can always save your game and resume it later. You can also submit scores for each individual level or for the entire game - or even share screenshots of your completed game boards via facebook. Enjoy WordIt 2 for a quick word puzzling experience, or for the truly challenging gameplay, which will stimulate your language skills and stretch your vocabulary. How to play: Use mouse to click and drag letters into position. All letters must be arranged to form valid words, vertically and/or horizontally. you can always click on the green checkmark button to check your progress. Deatiled instructions are also available in the game.
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